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Djelloul Marbrook - was born in 1934 in Algiers to a Bedouin father and an American painter. He grew up in Brooklyn, West Islip and Manhattan, New York, where he graduated from Dwight School and attended Columbia. He then served in the U.S. Navy.

The pioneering Online Originals (U.K.), the only online publisher to receive a Booker nomination, published his novella, Alice Miller's Room, in 1999. Recent fiction appeared in The Country and Abroad, Prima Materia (Woodstock, NY), vols. I and IV, and Breakfast All Day (London, U.K.). Earlier in his life his poetry was published in literary journals including Solstice (England) and Beyond Baroque and Phantasm (California). Recent poems appear in The American Poetry Review, Barrow Street, Le Zaporogue, Atticus, Poets Against War, poemeleon, Reed, Oberon, Ledge, The Same, and other journals. He can be heard reading poems and talking about poetry at From The Fishouse, An Audio Archive of Emerging Poets.

Artists Hill, a story adapted from his unpublished novel, Crowds of One, won Literal Latté's first prize in fiction in 2008. Crowds of One is the second novel in his new trilogy Light Piercing Water.

He worked as a reporter for The Providence Journal and as an editor for The Elmira (NY) Star-Gazette, The Baltimore Sun, The Winston-Salem Journal & Sentinel and The Washington Star. Later he worked as executive editor of four small dailies in northeast Ohio and two medium-size dailies in northern New Jersey.

He frequently comments on poetry and cultural, political and media issues on his blog, You can read about his work at, which features his essays about Admired Contemporaries.

His second book of poetry, Brushstrokes and Glances, was published by Deerbrook Editions in December 2010. A short novel, Artemisia's Wolf, was published by Prakash Books in 2011.

Carole Jahme - is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She has a Masters in evolutionary psychology  and a specialist interest in human communication. Jahme works as a journalist, author, broadcaster, performer and film and programme maker and she manages to synthesise Darwinian theory into almost all of her creative ventures.

Carole started her professional life as a model, dancer and actress, she worked with Gerry Cottles Circus performing on the trapeze, tight rope, clowning, acrobatics and acted in movies, TV, radio and theatre, with the likes of Morgan Freeman and Robert Downey Jr, but the call of the wild, particularly the call of wild primates, and the study of human evolution, proved too seductive to resist…

Arif Alwan - was born in 1941 in Iraq. After completing the high school in Baghdad, Alwan left Iraq for good to work as a freelance journalist and researcher. He lived in Beirut through the Lebanese civil war before moving to Cairo, Morocco, Rome, and London. He finally settled in Leeds in West Yorkshire where he dedicated his life to writing. Alwan's work reflects the notion that there are two sides to truth, yet both are built on illusion. Some of his works include:

The Terminus – Novel, 1995.  The Orange Room – Novel, 1999.  The Lights – Novel, 2005.  Destruction of Babylon – Play, 1975.  The Tatars are coming! – Play 1986.  Dear London, - Play 2000.  Princess of Lily and Oysters – Collection of short stories, 2008.  and many others

 Janis Hetherington - Born in 1946, to a seemingly middle class family in leafy Kent, the skeletons in her family’s closet emerged along with Janis’s interest in Sado/Masochism. Her parents, running the vast Art Deco Odeon Cinema complex and the publicity machine that ensued allowed for many sexual fantasies to become realities by the time Janis was expelled from her Grammar School, Tonbridge when she was sixteen. She then ‘graduated’ to the left wing theatre Unity and onto France through louche circles she met there. Having become the ‘plaything’ of a Parisian brothel keeper, Janis fled back (after a party trick went disastrously wrong) to a drab but emerging England of the still early sixties, intent on pursuing a career in the sex trade.

She set up an establishment with the notorious Madam Janie Jones and was plunged into a series of scandalous court cases that were never proven. Her sexually themed parties in the sixties and seventies resulted in her being dubbed “The Countess” by several of the famous names of the time.

She became the First Lesbian to be inseminated in Britain and was later embroiled in a custody battle for her female lover’s child after the sudden death of that lover.

Controversy was never far away. Despite bringing up two children, Janis has been heavily involved in raising awareness about prostate cancer and campaigning for human rights and environmental issues. She remains an avid fighter against abuses such as sex trafficking and is actively involved in Jewish-Palestinian politics to this day.

Philip Phil-Ebosie -  is a film maker and a former manager National Programmes, Nigerian Television Authority.

He is a Published Author of two books, lecturer in film and Television Production/Directing, and has written articles for Newspapers and Drama Plays for Television and Radio. Born in Onitsha Nigeria, educated in England. He enjoys watching films, listening to music and reading books.

Fadhil Assultani - is an Iraqi poet, translator and journalist. He has lived in London since 1994, and works as head of cultural department for the daily London- based newspaper Asharqalawsat. He is also an editor- in- chief of the quarterly cultural magazine Aqwas. He has published several books of poetry and translation. Some of his poems were translated into Germany, Spanish, Kurdish, Persian and English.

He has B.A. in English Language, College of Arts, University of Baghdad, and MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature, Birkbeck College, University of London.

Among his collections of poetry are: Poems, Al - Nashid - Al – Nacus, Burnt by Water, and The Various Colours of the lady. His translations from English into Arabic include: Short Stories by William Trevor.The Bluest Eye, by Tony Morrison, The Wings and Other Poems, by Miroslav Holub, and Fifty Years of British Poetry (1950-2000), anthology of British poetry including fifty-six British poets among them: Dylan Thomas, Louis MacNeice, Laurence Durrell, Norman MacCaig, Hugh MacDiarmid, R. S. Thomas, Ted Hughes, Fillip Larkin, Charles Tomlinson, Seamus Heaney, Thom Gunn, Douglas Dunn, Michael Hamburger, Kathleen Raine, Andrew Motion, Brian Patten, Carol Ann Duffy, Catherine Fisher and others .Among his essays in English are:

·        Memory and Identity in Everest's Lara and Walcott’s Omeros

·        Frank O’Hara: The Aesthetics of Small Things

·        The Poetry of R.S.Thomas: God, Mysticism, Nature and Language

·        Space and Place in the Poetry of Lee Harwood

·        Individuality and Modern System As Reflected in Kafka's The Trial and The Castle

Daniel M Warloch - was born in Doncaster, and he now divides his time between Yorkshire and Chester.

Daniel began his career in the Printing Industry at the tender age of 15, and his ambition is to write full time.

Daniel is passionate about encouraging children of all ages into reading, and he has had the privilege of holding a number of 'workshops' at the schools in his area.

Daniel's debut children's novel, Leap Year, is now available in China, Russia and Taiwan, and Christmas Presence is his second children's novel.

Waterstone's Bookseller wrote about Leap Year in the Winter issue of The Educate Magazine:

"Daniel M Warloch writes with a flow of a new and interesting writer. A must."

Olga McPhail- Where does my life story begin?

Perhaps from an ordinary childhood under a care of extraordinary people, the wreckage of revolutionary storm, they brought back to life an ancestral heritage, which had been already dead for my contemporaries.

A place of birth is also important – the city of Grozny, a former fortress built in 1818 as a combat outpost of the Russian Empire always in the epicentre of one conflict or other.

Ordinary school years with only two special moments - invasion of poetry in my ten-year-old pig-tailed head and later a wide-eyed fascination for the English language. Both resulted in my feverish activities in reading and writing.

English language became my breadwinner for life. I worked as a teacher and translator until I came to live in this country in 2001, when Russian and English swapped places and I started teaching Russian instead.

That is why my first and the only so far (but not long) novel is written in English. A rare advantage, which granted me a perspective on the events I was writing about.

Now I am bouncing back and forth between the two countries where my nearest and dearest live and happily allow myself to be bilingual.

Currently my novel “Born in Chechnya” translated and ruthlessly edited by myself, is on its way to a publisher in Russia under a different title.

Fuad Matthew Caswell- was born to a Baghdadi family and arrived in Englandas a student in 1950. He pursued courses of study at the University of London (School of Oriental & African Studies and King’s College) followed by Oxford University (St. Catherine’s Society). He acquired a B.A. in English and a London M.A. in Classical Arabic. He met and married a Yorkshiregirland they started a family, which coincided with several years spent setting up and running an import venture which was to continue as his Baghdadi family’s business. The law being always his main interest he then set out on the path of becoming a barrister, qualifying as a member of the MiddleTemplein 1968. To improve his prospects of establishing a practice at the time he adopted his wife’s name Caswell and went on to have a long career as a barrister. In 2002 he returned to academia (Wadham College, Oxford), completing a doctorate in Arabic, the doctoral thesis appearing in print asThe Slave Girls of Baghdad: TheQiyānin the Early Abbasid Era.

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